Beard Guyz Conditioner 25 Review

Looking to try out the Beard Guyz Conditioner 25? Here is my review on the Beard Guyz Conditioner 25.

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Learning From My Past Beard Mistakes

I wish I knew then what I know now. How far long my epic beard could have been... Oh well it was a valuable lesson learned on my quest to grow and epic beard.
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8' x 10' Tarp Shelter

Here is a simple 8' x 10' tarp tent design setup. I just was experimenting with it in the woods and thought I would share incase it helps anyone. I am no expert, so this isn't in depth.

How To Make A Pocket Sized Camp Fire

How to make a pocket sized campfire. This is similar to a solo stove. It's a small fire stove that can be made easily with some hand tools.
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How To Train Your Beard

How do you train a beard? Well in this video I am going to show you what I do to train my beard. If you have any questions about growing a beard, please let me know!
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How I Stop Annoying People At The Movies

How I Stop Annoying People At The Movies. It's happened to us all, we are excited to go to the movies. We get there early, we get great seats, then a loud, annoying person seats right next to us. What can we do? I got a get response. Let's plays a prank on them, with some liquid ass!

Work Place Fail - Tech People Beware!

Workplace Fail Story - Working in IT for over a decade, I've seen some things, but this one will stick with me forever. I think it will stick with everyone who saw it forever!